We’re Michael & Greer Missouri, and we love candy.

More than anything, we love great candy. We’ve had the privilege to visit and call more than a few countries home, falling in love with some pretty spectacular sweets along the way.

Our dream was to create a boutique centered around the traditional Scandinavian penny candy experience to highlight the finest candy and chocolates sourced from all corners of the world. With over 250 varieties of candies and chocolates from almost every continent, sukker & sweet is anything but your typical neighborhood candy store.

At sukker & sweet, you can expect salted licorice from Sweden, spicy mango gummies from Spain, small batch tea-infused chocolate bars from Singapore, milk chocolate dipped potato chips from the USA - one of our personal favorites - and so much more.

Our soulful approach shines through in the experience and collection we’ve cultivated for guests, both in our boutique and online, as we have hand-selected every gummy, licorice, marshmallow and chocolate offered. 

Thank you for sharing in our vision and tasting the world with us!


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