8 weeks in...

8 weeks in...

With the launch of our website, we wanted to take the opportunity to recount the last 8 weeks and share all that’s happened behind the scenes. It’s been a wild ride!

First, though, it probably makes sense to give you a little background.

We’re not only partners in candy, but also in life...if you couldn’t already tell! We met while working on the same sales team at a software company in the Boston area; we were “pod buddies" and sat next to each other for 2 years. We quickly became best friends, fell in love, and left said software company last December to pursue a sweeter path. 

We both love candy. So much so, we make a point to seek out at least one candy store in any city or country we visit. After visiting a few different sweets shops during a trip to NYC last fall, we largely lamented the experiences and developed a bit of a “Goldilocks dilemma.” The retailers that captured the fun, experiential aspect of a candy store, those that provide an abundance of bulk options, are almost exclusively targeted toward children. Many of the “luxury” sweets boutiques for adults continue to miss the best part of any candy store experience: building your own mix and trying new sweets along the way.

So, what we couldn’t find, we looked to create ourselves. When we started to toss around the idea of opening a candy boutique, Michael immediately voiced our need for European sweets, specifically gummies and licorice that he remembers fondly from growing up in Norway. However, we moved away from becoming strictly a specialty Scandinavian candy store, simply because there are so many wonderful sweets from other parts of the world, too - not to mention the USA! Thus, we opted to become a quality destination, a place where folks can find playful gummies from Spain, super salty licorice from Sweden, and decadent malt balls from the States. 

With our direction clear, we spent the spring and summer traveling across the United States to attend trade shows and through Europe to meet with different distributors to establish the right channels to curate the soulful collection we showcase today, with 250 different candies and chocolates from every continent - except Antarctica!

Oh, yeah! We got married along the way, too.

While developing our concept and scouring the globe for the perfect sweets, we knew that we needed the right retail space. Boston is undeniably a foodie destination. There’s also an impressive international community here, one that appreciates obscure black licorice and tea-infused chocolate bars. The Street Chestnut Hill, specifically, is a hangout for families, college students and young professionals alike; it's a great place to grab a bite to eat, see a movie and, now, stock up on irish cream gummy bears and white chocolate rice bark.

After finding the perfect spot to set up shop, we found an amazing interior designer, Amanda Reid of Mandarina Studio, in Chestnut Hill and began designing the space. Construction then officially began in July. 

After a few setbacks, we were finally slated to open our doors on Saturday, October 26th, the same day as The Street’s annual trick-or-treat Halloween bash. After an unforeseen issue with a smoke detector, we did not receive our final permits from the City until 2:00 p.m. on Friday, October 25th. Greer’s parents, here for the opening, worked through the night with us - moving fixtures and candy into the space - for us to open in the nick of time, at noon on Saturday.

Our first day was a success! We had hundreds of customers and, most importantly, thousands of happy trick-or-treaters.

In 8 weeks, we’ve had:

1 near-fire with a laminator

1 impromptu crash course in branding from Johnny Earle aka Johnny Cupcakes


2,324 customers

1,504 pounds of candy sold

a few cat naps below the cash wrap

an unmentionable amount of Panda Express

& too many coffees to count

Most of all, we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting so many kind, funny, and interesting people. To our newfound “regulars,” thank you for your business, the laughs, and your guidance. To the folks who travel far and wide to visit the boutique because we carry your childhood favorites or “that licorice that reminds you of your mom,” you’ve made our work feel profound. To those who stop in just to see what we’re all about, we appreciate the opportunity to make your day a little sweeter.